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What kind of day?
Help me if... 
You see somebody in Cafe. What kind of person
It is you.
What´s above you? 
Season or part of day:  
What´s it doing: It 
I see something behind trees. It could be... 
How do you move in the dark forest? I
Where do you move? 
I want to  some drink.
I happiness.
Fine place: 
The river is...    (how?)
...if you could.

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18.06.2018 15:37,

Anastasia: friendship

dance to heaven
  love JKS to drink amazing summer
klascdjvsl making me laugh
my friends is cold cuz it is

sch;hq if

somebody friend
nice of you.

18.06.2018 18:25,

nicole: friendship

   to evening



somebody kind hearted

18.06.2018 18:25,

nicole: friendship

   to evening



somebody kind hearted

18.06.2018 18:46,

SOph: A broken girl

   to Gloomy


if You care

somebody Handsome, kind, happy

18.06.2018 20:11,

Izzybell: Untitled

move quietly in places
  drown in Scotland to drink Glorious noon
a clock is hiding

if I am hurt

somebody nice

18.06.2018 20:25,

LILLS: Strange

walk quietly forward
   France to Strange day twilight
a niffler is flowing gravity

if I laugh to much

somebody Strange / funny

18.06.2018 20:49,

D: F

  D He to Y H D
G is W S

S if G

somebody D
S you.

18.06.2018 21:33,

10: 100

run into the woods
  seek meadow to take grey morning
a ceiling calls
Oona is lonely long

I'd fly if i sway

somebody an old man
not you.

18.06.2018 21:34,

10: 100

run into the woods
  seek meadow to take grey morning
a ceiling calls
Oona is lonely long

I'd fly if i sway

somebody an old man
not you.

18.06.2018 23:56,

tahmara abdelwahed : who am i

   to warm summer
clouds and blue skies
bunny is


somebody happy

19.06.2018 01:04,

Anjaline: Grandma's Death

   to sun shining but then it started to rain




19.06.2018 01:38,

ELemon: Chinmay Sule

Tip toe Behind another tree
  Love Mexico to Get Bright Dusk
The sky Is writing a book
Chinmay is Cold We

Sing if I’m sad

somebody Kind and Genuine
Silly you.

19.06.2018 01:43,

: Spiders

Run Narnia
  Hate to Have Cold Summer
Grey clouds
A spider is



19.06.2018 01:50,

e.h: idk what this is

  need to stormy night
the stars looking up in pain
someone who wants to help is

if dying

somebody dark
past you.

19.06.2018 04:05,

Karam: A Girls World

move slowly in the middle of trees
  need mountains to Regular afternoon
the sky
a man is sparkling like diamonds

rule the world if im sad

somebody hipster
all you.

19.06.2018 04:30,

Kyle: Australia

   to Sunny Spring
the nice sun

if i become amazed out of this world

somebody nice

19.06.2018 05:05,

Elizabeth Anne: The I Was, The Woman I am

move slowly towards the child, so as not to scare her away I move closer, but she moves away. She runs quickly, further out of my sight.
  want to find her I want out of the depths of this never ending forest to share with her, Bright, beautiful, sunny day, with a cool breeze and the light shade of a single cloud Mid afternoon, the heat is intense on my skin
A single rain cloud in a bright blue sky, so bright it almost seems white is beginning to rain, the drops coming only from that single cloud above my head, the rain feels like a cool relief after a hard days work
that young girl, the one with the big eyes and pure heart is near, it is moving it is moving in the wrong direction, like time has shifted backwards

I would stop it, and change it if I stray from the sight of the beauty I see before me

somebody She's a child, She has short brown hair, and big brown eyes. All she wants is to know she is loved, and to know God is there
overwhelming you.

19.06.2018 07:18,

Ash: My love

Move carfully
  crave to drank Perfect fall
is sketching
an animal is flowing

if i fall

somebody Dreamy

19.06.2018 08:13,

Zoe: four seasons

run and get out of there home
  fight for Taiwan to order rainy Spring
sun s shining
a plant is flowing gracefully

Live if i dont win this comp

somebody nice
next to you.

19.06.2018 08:30,

Hubby: Whliing away the hours til I hold you again...

Quietly Everywhere
  Wish for Lapland to Taste Sunny Summer
Blue sky Loves
A fairy is Warm Flowing

Swim if I'm struggling

somebody Happy
Amazing you.

19.06.2018 09:39,

Owl: Ode to Evie

   to Windy Winter

if I’m in pain

somebody A foreign exchange student

19.06.2018 10:18,

Misha: Sis

hope to follow the light To the ope fields
  breathe in the sun to jump from joy Monday spring, sumer
my love blooming
a sunflower is softly flowing surrounding you

Dream if you dare

somebody Charming and sweet
above you.

19.06.2018 10:19,

unknown: summer

   to hot and sunny


if I drown

somebody Funny, Bubbly

19.06.2018 13:29,

Max: a poem for grad





19.06.2018 13:51,

Ben: Nature

Just run Home
  Find My home to Drop Dawn Night
My personality Calm
My lost soul is Calm Flowing

Swim if I fall

somebody Mysterious
For you.

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