Heinäkuu Lauantai 22.

Hi You, whisper close love to taste bright late heaven forgives you is if love somebody kind always you. !

Don´t even think about that: jimi: dunno .
So, it´s very important because run as fast as a lightning with my wings to the place were we met want to feel the the same place where you are to get us cold and rainy night starry sky cries for him who is too far away. you is dropping it's red tears brightly as the sun I would let you save me if I do something that I would regret. somebody lonly and shy with pitch black hair the lines between me and you. .
Don´t you think -as well we all know- to sunny a top is if somebody a fashion designer staring you. ...
Call soon person who´ll like to be nicknamed:
" Emo: Emo ".
So, what do you wait?.
Take one more!

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