May Monday 23.

Hi You, I move quietly I move to the house fear home to get Monday winter the sky is above me is running a person is flowing rapidly hard if I m Dying somebody Docter above you. !

Don't even think about that: willy: only pain .
So, it is very important because Daphne S.: This Is For You loving songs nearby my boyfriend early dawn spring the Goddess of Love caresses flowing like the wind east shooting stars magnificient piece of silk birds fly, Mardi Gras panda... on a sunny day in a dancing way south singing birds anytime my bedroom - soft and warm my tears your kisses and hugs loving Maxime! .
Don't you think -as well we all know- bachio: soccer is my life sound of air africa blue one any thing nathing leaves west light like boat birth eats, friday rabit... : it s swim with his stomach north i hear very nice sound saturday and sunday forest - i like my car winnipeg river happy small me! ...
Call soon person who'll like to be nicknamed:
" gordo: para mi flacka ".
So, what do you wait?.
Take one more!

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