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Listen! What did you hear? - A nice sound in the nature: 
What things... You feel great or happy? 
Who does live in the nature? 
How does it move in the tree? 
See your Old friend... When is the best time ? 
A Place. Whereīs scary or exciting? 
Animal with a fur. 
Whatīs the best time to have a picnic? 
How does fishes swim? 
Touch carefully: Surface of the object you found are like... 
What is strong river or water fall like?
An animal had enough food. What kind of mind?
Itīs late in the evening... Somebody runs outdoors.. Who? 
Describe: Whatīs the ocean like? 
She/he/it does something. What? 
You can see it on the sky
Where are clouds going? 
Where do you like to be just now?
What could you hear or feel in the deep forest? 
Itīs early morning. What kind of
What animal can you see early in the morning? 
You saw something in the nature. What did animal do? 
Festival day
Where is river going to?  

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09.12.2012 22:22,

Ma: Me

walk away
  love Disneyland to water Good Winter
God helpong me
a monster is cold very

live if im dying

somebody sad
nice you.

09.12.2012 22:39,

bai: christmas tree

sprint to a cabin
  glisten in disneyland to indulge in frosty cold winter
mistletoe is decorating
is rushing cold

swim if i fall

somebody lovely
really you.

09.12.2012 22:40,

scoobie: river

quietly around
  love carribean to sunny fall
dreams glistening
a butterfly is euphrates flowing

how would you if i can't

somebody poetic
loving you.

09.12.2012 22:48,

hannah: life




  silence after school darkness - my heart stress

09.12.2012 22:53,

hannah: my life

fear alone
  stressful summer
mouse whispers crawling
  nowhere color graceful
birds screech,
fun mouse...

slowly anywhere the wind takes it
  silence after school darkness - rough my heart stress
full i!

09.12.2012 22:55,

Samira: think about what you do



  You should let the past go by and think about the present My bff went to a different - It is not good to be bad at school

09.12.2012 22:56,

Samira: think about what you do



  You should let the past go by and think about the present My bff went to a different school - It is not good to be bad at school

09.12.2012 22:57,

Scematik: Days gone

   to Melancholy




09.12.2012 23:01,

Scematik: Days gone

Trot Underground
  Long Home to Spill Melancholy Winter
Rain clouds Snowing
Shadow is Always Dry

Love you if Fall

somebody Lover
Killing you.

09.12.2012 23:17,

Leche: Death

Lonely Gone
  Sad Winter
Death Bad Softly
  Back Heaven Peaceful
Dog Die,
12 Cat...

Glide South
  Silence 2 years ago Haunted House - Rough Hard Mournful
Full Someone!

09.12.2012 23:33,

Vanessa: Searching...

Am I a girl, who speaks very little Chinse?

  For years, - I've been wondering who i really am.

09.12.2012 23:41,

christmas: christmas spirits




09.12.2012 23:42,

h: b

f v
  h g
b fu h
  v t r
g ggf,
vdggvf g...

d gap
  n h b - f b n
d f!

09.12.2012 23:53,

Cynthia: TOMTOM Drive

   to Sunny afternoon


if the car breaks down

somebody happy

09.12.2012 23:56,

dan gee: nick





09.12.2012 23:57,

Cynthia: TOMTOM Drive

use my TOM TOM down the coast
  love California to have Sunny afternoon
beautiful blue sky is awesome
a friend is flowing rapidly

Win the contest if my GPS stops working.

somebody happy
delighting you.

09.12.2012 23:59,

Colt: Hulk

hulk hulkingly

  smashing noon city - hard loud happy

10.12.2012 00:00,

King: Rolling into Light

sneak quietly, and softly, living in peace San Pedro
  need to find The oldest restaurant in the world to roll down a hill with Dark and damp Winter
stars scorches away impurity
a wolf is Flowing softly

freeing if I'm lost

somebody Brilliant Star
completely you.

10.12.2012 00:05,

chloe: crash

   to gloomy



somebody familiar
hurting you.

10.12.2012 00:09,

KIK: Youthland

lurk Onto the piece of land that is about to float away.
  am experiencing Germany to have A stormy day Winter
The stormy sky is raining
the earth crackling is flowing rapidly

I feel like I could fly if this plan does not work

somebody A brilliant DNA scientist
insane you.

10.12.2012 00:26,

: Winter



   - cold happy

10.12.2012 00:27,

honey: brilliant months

the cows swisses

  blows night - in a happy way

10.12.2012 00:46,

Hayley: River

silence beach
  brisk, cold fall
birds sings swiftly
  waving goodbye moon calm, rythm
deer ran to hide,
thanksgiving wolves...

quick heaven
  flowing rivers anytime waterfall, dark forest - jagged fierce sunshine, warm breezes
clever a man!

10.12.2012 00:53,

moist: whitneys word

moistly under leaves
  love south carolina to drink moist winter
moist things moist snow
animals is moist

take that word out of the dictionary if say that word

somebody funny
not you.

10.12.2012 00:54,

hayley: river

darkness alone
  quiet winter
trees slowly
  away darkness calm

quickly heaven
  silence anytime rivers - smooth fierce snow
quiet wind!

10.12.2012 00:57,

shauntae: Life

mud with ryan or tyler
  grouch summer
animals jumps fast
  left clouds smooth
dog poop,
christmas dog...

in the summer
with their bodies down stream
  a bird now in the dark - a book hurtful happy
happy sarah!

10.12.2012 01:00,

saad: pierre espirit radisson

a beaver london
  beautiful spring
people run into woods beavers
  to london a sign salty
caribou run free,
easter beaver...

fast my grave
  wind dawn war - blood a sewer flowers
happy coureur de bois!

10.12.2012 01:10,

ELLO: Futility

As you walk my first reaction will be to smite and spit upon you
  Foggy and deep Winter
You will soon become a pauper on the sidewalk of the Bay There has been a breach between us Scrouched neck
  Im heading East Neverending a vast ocean that covers too many lost anwsers
Animal insticts will take over a man,

You have a meeting with destiny
Rythmic, trite I am heading West
  Your snickering and ignorant words pound against my spin Night irate thoughts - Your adherinent and empty

10.12.2012 01:16,

Danelle: Love you baby

   to Greatest all


if i'm down

somebody best

10.12.2012 02:04,

katy: test

silence anywhere but here
  cloudy winter
birds surrounds you flies
  to a better place and time stars monster grabbing at your feet
rabbit dig a hole,
Dec, 8 rat...

fins to the ocean blue
  forest summer woods - smooth liquid gold shopping
chicken parents and children!

10.12.2012 02:06,

zach: the man who looked

slither through to somewhere else
  am nirvana to spill drizzly sundown
my whole life is reflecting
a mirror is flowing rapidly through

follow me if I fall

somebody glowing
a reflection of you.

10.12.2012 02:44,

zach: the man who looked

slither through to somewhere else
  am nirvana to spill drizzly sundown
my whole life is reflecting
a mirror is flowing rapidly through

follow me if I fall

somebody glowing
a reflection of you.

10.12.2012 03:14,

hayley: poem 1

quietly run to a safe warm place
  need to find a meadow to drink some water Great fall
heaven is dancing
a ghost is calm but fierce

i would never leave if im wrong

somebody an honest
what you make of life you.

10.12.2012 03:41,

marina: you and i



  leaves summer - happy

10.12.2012 03:43,

marina: books



  tress -

10.12.2012 03:53,

Meryl Lennin: Christmas Time

   to Christmas Christmas



somebody nice
very you.

10.12.2012 04:10,

marina: books

and that's all that matters i got my book
  cuz i dont care about the haters because as long as u got a good book
flipping pages i love books reading
  hanged up hooks books
u can use ur imagination for something big,
because we all love when i bend the pages...

it feels like i've been set free
and thats all i wanted it to be reading books
  books on shelves with my friends until it ends - someone who can see me reading near the fire
and reading books books!

10.12.2012 04:19,

baby: lauryn i love you

   to night winter
clouds m

if u would

somebody gorgeous
nice of you you.

10.12.2012 04:23,

marina: fun

leaves animals california
  sun sunshing winter
animals calls gets food
  west birds scary
dogs play,
partying bear...

with fins in water south
  trees winter high school - hard Niagara falls hanging with friends
shark kids playing!

10.12.2012 04:30,

Ever Bloom: Night Star

Run Laguna Beach
  don't deserve Summerland to become addicted to Daylight Summerland
Damen Auguste is gorgeous
Haven is Beautiful Pleasant

Ravishing if She's confused

somebody Ex-Best friend
confusing you.

10.12.2012 04:32,

jasmer: basketball


  chirp -

10.12.2012 04:40,

Ingy: Sarah's poem

wander forward
  feel to order a happy day midday
the sun shins
a cat is

i would laugh if

somebody a mysterious person
not you.

10.12.2012 04:48,

vizta: christmas

my family
christmas ...

  bells December 25 my house - excited

10.12.2012 04:49,

jackie: closure

shuffling farther into darkness
  cannot feel alone to grieve gloomy dawn
grey clouds is hurting me
vast emptiness is flowing darkly

escape if im all alone

somebody isolated
upsetting you.

10.12.2012 05:21,

peacock: The Mighty Peacock

stroll in the shadows
  am missing open field to find cloudy evening
sky is watching
a bird, a woman is mysterious


watching you.

10.12.2012 05:21,

peacock : The Mighty Peacock





10.12.2012 05:26,

peacock: The Mighty Peacock

stroll in the shadows
  miss shade to find cloudy evening
feathers is watching
a woman is mysterious murky

run if i need it

somebody pretty
watching you.

10.12.2012 05:28,

Israel : what is life ?




10.12.2012 05:35,

Pebbles Mississippi: My memories collapsing

crawl on all fours into a disco pal our of happy shinny people laughing
  thrive on my bed of dreams to sip Foggy Morning Fall
the wrath of eternity is dancing in its panties under the soft moonlight
all of my past lives is squirming into the darkness all the animals watching

Love them all if I can't wake up

somebody a mime with knives
stroking you.

10.12.2012 05:46,

vanessa: laugh

does it make you laugh how does it make u smile

  people laughing 3 clock where fun or sad ? - you feel cheerful or full of giggles

10.12.2012 06:30,

E!!!! : meow

super slow over there
  love my house to pour Cold fall
my brain jumping
monkey is dancing wildly

dance with me if you wanna

somebody amazing
soooo you.

10.12.2012 06:35,

kyra: When im with you...

leaves crunching school
  bright spring
animals walks fast
  one direction clouds cold
dog bunny,
not known bobcat...

summer time
calmly downstream
  birds chirping any time haunted house - smooth loud relaxed
not known me!

10.12.2012 06:36,

Baybay: Africa's Society

walk forward
  love Africa to get Rainy Fall
monkeys is eating a banana
another monkey is Nile

if it's Cold

somebody African
between you.

10.12.2012 06:47,

: love




10.12.2012 06:52,

: love

heart beat with him
  bright sunny summer
people fall in his arms slowly
  around the world love blue
bird fly,

fast wonderland
  heart beat everyday dark - soft waterfall happy
bird him!

10.12.2012 06:53,

: love

heart beat with him
  bright sunny summer
people fall in his arms slowly
  around the world love blue
bird fly,
daisy bear...

fast wonderland
  heart beat everyday dark - soft waterfall happy
bird him!

10.12.2012 07:01,

ccccccc: How Bizarre

carefully tip-toe Far away
  search for my dreams to find Happy Early winter
falling snow is still and dark
a fairy is wide rushing waters

Go there if you want to

somebody One I'd like to know
only you.

10.12.2012 07:40,

parks: parks lament

warmth home
  clean spring
spirit pounces through
  east orange cloud deep
rabbit flew,
may day bear...

wave sea
  schhhh sunset mountain top - blade wind lover
playful neighbor!

10.12.2012 07:51,

Treva: For my Bear

run away
  know the beach to have Special winter
sky may be looking
my love is calm flowing

marry if I feel down

somebody Amazing
All about you.

10.12.2012 08:13,

Jessica: Withdrawal Fee


  Tree day Ride - Happy

10.12.2012 09:14,

Di: Dianna's Christmas Poem

sneak behind a tree
  seek Nikau Valley to drink Sunny evening
peanut butter sticking
boris is clear snaking down the valley

have a zoo if I fall down drunk

somebody dotcom
exciting you.

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