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Part 1.

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  • Answer with a word or two what you think first.
  • Donīt think so much. 
  • In the end push "Make!" button. Your poetical work is the last one in the end of this page. Be sure that you donīt push enter while you are answering.
  • Remember answer every question.
    Also name/nickname and title are needed.
  • OK, Letīs go! So, click with mouse in all these text areas
    (or use tab -key to move) to write your words.
  • Worries? Webmasterīs email!.

Your name/nickname: *
Poemīs title:

Listen! What did you hear? - A nice sound in the nature: 
What things... You feel great or happy? 
Who does live in the nature? 
How does it move in the tree? 
See your Old friend... When is the best time ? 
A Place. Whereīs scary or exciting? 
Animal with a fur. 
Whatīs the best time to have a picnic? 
How does fishes swim? 
Touch carefully: Surface of the object you found are like... 
What is strong river or water fall like?
An animal had enough food. What kind of mind?
Itīs late in the evening... Somebody runs outdoors.. Who? 
Describe: Whatīs the ocean like? 
She/he/it does something. What? 
You can see it on the sky
Where are clouds going? 
Where do you like to be just now?
What could you hear or feel in the deep forest? 
Itīs early morning. What kind of
What animal can you see early in the morning? 
You saw something in the nature. What did animal do? 
Festival day
Where is river going to?  

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Check your new poem in the end of this page.



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