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What kind of day?
Help me if... 
You see somebody in Cafe. What kind of person
It is you.
What´s above you? 
Season or part of day:  
What´s it doing: It 
I see something behind trees. It could be... 
How do you move in the dark forest? I
Where do you move? 
I want to  some drink.
I happiness.
Fine place: 
The river is...    (how?)
...if you could.

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12.02.2020 13:51,

Sid: Red Rose, happy birthday

Could I dance on the bridge of the sorrow poems
  Would you call me backwoods to tray lightly foggy early morning
poetical books are flying
and then
goes and maybe leaves
rainy gray eyes are floating lightly blue valentines day poem

make me happy if I try write a poem stars in the eastern night sky

is it someone Very Interesting
important to you.

06.04.2020 17:00,

: Butterfly

Hide To the sky
  Find Forest to Have Rainy Spring
Sky Flies
A butterfly is

if I can’t fly

somebody Sad
Behind you.

06.04.2020 18:21,

: The lonely Busy Street

wonder to the street
  hope I find busy street to A cold day winter
dark sky depressing
a dark shadow is


somebody Lonely

06.04.2020 19:42,

RD: The Graced Moon

cautiously to an opening
  and drink from the fountain of eternal Home to guzzle Calm Night
the night sky shines bright
my fear lurking around is agitated persistant turmoil

I would morph into the night if I falter

somebody familiar

06.04.2020 22:26,

Summer: Summer

can only feel so bliss is this a trick
  feel sun field to drink Bright, hot summer
sunlight challenging me
the waving aroma of summer air is glittering shinyness of the skky

if only if Im dying from the heat and alacrity.

somebody sun, full of fun
glaring you.

06.04.2020 22:55,

Elisha Simpson: Last Breath

   to Crap




07.04.2020 05:35,

CB: Lust you

Anxious To my safe place
  Crave Bed to Taste Lonely Midnight
Mirrors Fantasizing
My love is Rushing Wild

Mount you deeply if I need you

somebody Mysterious
sensually you.

07.04.2020 06:43,

Roosa: Tiistai

valaisten kohti valoa
  tavoittelen palatsia to kaataa Tiistaina Kevät
Kynttiläkruunu kelluu
auringonsäde is musta loppuen

Kirjoittaisit runon if Olen tylsistynyt

somebody Viehättävä
täydellinen you.

07.04.2020 06:44,

rainy: rainyday

move slowly I move to the right
  love countryside to have rainy and cloudy day summer
above me is sky and clouds sings
a butterfly is moving fastly

Would you sing if I need help

somebody beutiful person
something you.

07.04.2020 06:52,

Poemist87: Poeeeme

patient towards lake
  appreciate Summer cottage to go sleep Sunny Evening
Sky is sueing
a bear is floating freezing

Help me if I am depressed

somebody Social
very kind of you.

07.04.2020 12:03,

Soufyan: Soufyan poem





07.04.2020 14:55,

Andreas: Matunuck in Spring

   to Sunny Spring




07.04.2020 15:45,

: “Hope” is the thing with feathers -





07.04.2020 16:02,

: Sea

swim water
  found beach to find sunny summer
sky sea
sand is far sea

swim if


07.04.2020 16:44,

elle: my everything

walk towards my love
  want you to be my nature to have morning summer
her love loves
something beautiful is flowing nature

I wanna fly if I'm down

somebody sweet
something I love about you.

07.04.2020 17:18,

ari: thankful





07.04.2020 23:35,

Flo: I want to be president

Quietly Towards light
  Will Quiet places to Monday
A sack is Peaceful

if I don't know

somebody Street kid

08.04.2020 03:04,

Baps: ode to Barbara

spin on the floor
  cocktail pub to neck Birthday night
disco ball sings
monkey is glitter fast

shake if I puke

somebody mad
dancing you.

08.04.2020 08:12,

Kiara: Pizza

   to Order Today Day

Pizza is


somebody Ober

08.04.2020 14:30,

Muhisn Bashir : Invictus poem

run to the sun
  feel south africa to buy it was a sunny blue sky summer
the sun shining like a bright star
a bunny is the master of my soul I'm the captain sea

that south africa if I needed help

somebody happy
me and you.

08.04.2020 14:32,

Srenithi: Ishi and Krishi





08.04.2020 14:36,

Srenithi: Ishi and Krishi

normally to Switzerland
  love house and cafeteria to drink coco cola Rainy day winter
light it is cold
squirells is clear bright

if get a umbrella

somebody intelligent
shiny you.

08.04.2020 14:57,

Katto: Ready to Run

Glide To the table
  smile By the River to Have a chat Cloudy Winter
Ceiling Drinking coofee
An open window is Springbrook Breathing

show them how to smile if Help me if you can

somebody Helpless
a stranger you.

08.04.2020 15:10,

Aiden: Spring

run abandoned shack
   to pop Sunny Spring
Clouds Rackoon
Ducks is


somebody Happy
Aiden you.

08.04.2020 15:48,

cordale daniels: loved ones

slowly to the park
  am your home to throw beautiful spring
the sky is moving
my shadow is flowing with water

while i float if I cry

somebody Kind
exciting you.

08.04.2020 15:54,

cordale: The Beloved

sneaky behind the tree
  find with my friends to take sunny spring
sky flies blowing
leafs is fllowing with

beautiful sounds if i fall

somebody my friend
loving you.

08.04.2020 16:40,

Smith: My Honest Poem

slow to the end
  desire home to drink sunny morning summer
heaven dances
bunny is running fast

the end if i can't do it

somebody stylish
weird you.

08.04.2020 19:44,

mui: alone

carefully forward
  cannot castle to indulge cloudy winter
stormy sky raining
shining castle is still dark

imagine if what

somebody morose
always you.

08.04.2020 20:14,

aoobaoo: summer

f f
  f f to f hot f
f f
f is f f

f if f

somebody f
f you.

08.04.2020 20:19,

: Corona

worry Into my house
  want The store to love Sad Spring
The sky 's sleeping
a deer is cold boring

Leave if

somebody No one
not you.

08.04.2020 22:47,

Arielle: Black Butterfly

walk without fear
  embrace home to enjoy glorious spring
the lord living
insecurity is


somebody educated black man
beyond you.

09.04.2020 04:22,

Darrell : Breakfast

   to Morning Spring




09.04.2020 05:39,

sery the white angel: The View from the Blurry Eyes

feeling the darkness forward
  want to give above the sky to have Pandemic crisis summer day
a blue sky looking at the horizon
someone i am looking for is so deep that i may drown

but i want to swim if to cope with it

somebody a very good friend
some one who misses you.

09.04.2020 05:40,

sery the white angel: The View from the Blurry Eyes

feeling the darkness forward
  want to give above the sky to have Pandemic crisis summer day
a blue sky looking at the horizon
someone i am looking for is so deep that i may drown

but i want to swim if to cope with it

somebody a very good friend
some one who misses you.

09.04.2020 05:41,

Tiger: Tiger

Tiger Tiger
  Tiger Tiger to Tiger Sunny Tiger
Tiger Tiger
Tiger is Tiger Tiger

Tiger if Tiger

somebody Murderer
Tiger you.

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