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What kind of day?
Help me if... 
You see somebody in Cafe. What kind of person
It is you.
What´s above you? 
Season or part of day:  
What´s it doing: It 
I see something behind trees. It could be... 
How do you move in the dark forest? I
Where do you move? 
I want to  some drink.
I happiness.
Fine place: 
The river is...    (how?)
...if you could.

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27.08.2016 18:16,

: away

follow under
  find sun to lagh hot summer
night rain
sun is cold supper

fun if work

somebody red
calling you.

27.08.2016 18:52,

Joslynn : Happy Birthday Dad!!

footstep after footstep everywhere
  love your home to swallow Birthday Morning
God feeling loved
you playing hide and seek is flowing rapidly

be here every day if I'm wrong

somebody Talented, Smart
the heart you.

27.08.2016 19:37,

Aiden: Aiden

slowly and carefully into the shade
  believe in by the water to quench my thirst with bright sunny the hottest
the sky melts
hope is flooded from the rain

Swim if the sun goes down

somebody broody
always in you.

27.08.2016 20:02,

Trop: Tropical

  Find Hawaai to Pina Colada Sunny afternoon
Palm Trees Swaying
Monkey is

if I dont relax

somebody Islander

27.08.2016 20:33,

Libby: Hazy Autumn

slowly step on the crumbled skeletons of fall
  found the forest to sip hazy autumn
autumn leaves is cold
a man who paints the leaves red is flowing slowly

you'd catch it if you can

somebody beautiful
entranced you.

27.08.2016 22:49,

pam: life

by moving and hoping for the best somewhere
  love delhi to help happy night
space runs
spongebob is nile some

hombre if i need help or otherwise

somebody beautiful
up you.

27.08.2016 23:06,

Sean: Stranger

slowly northward
  want to find meadow to find Crisp Autumn
bright blue skies walking
bird is crystal clear it flows from the mountain

Love me if I fall

somebody Handsome guy
far from you.

27.08.2016 23:07,

Sean: Stranger

slowly northward
  want to find meadow to find Crisp Autumn
bright blue skies walking
bird is crystal clear it flows from the mountain

Love me if I fall

somebody Handsome guy
far from you.

28.08.2016 00:20,

Natalie: Happy Birthday

   to lazy day Fall
the ceiling shining
Dave is

if I'm working alone

somebody homeless
just like you.

28.08.2016 00:38,

Kiwi: Apple

Jump Towards a yellow crowd
  Want Minion land to Make Sunny Summer
The stars Rubs
Minions is Flowing Glistening in the moonlight

Hug u if I fall or fail

somebody Lovely
Kind if like you.

28.08.2016 00:56,

Natalie: Happy Birthday

quickly forward
  wish for home to lazy day Fall
the ceiling shining
Dave is

Fly if I'm working alone

somebody homeless
just like you.

28.08.2016 01:25,

Ivy: Hanging With Friends

   to Sunny



somebody Happy

28.08.2016 02:44,

Susie: What us Science?

Determine where to go To a lab
  Find to Have water Sunny Morning
The sun Rotating
A bunny is

if I dont know the meaning

somebody Scientist
Awesome you.

28.08.2016 03:16,

Bob: Mondsy

   to Monday Spring


if I'm falling

somebody Interesting
All about you.

28.08.2016 03:58,

BALLS: Balls

balls balls
  balls balls to balls balls balls
balls balls
balls is balls balls

balls if balls

somebody balls
balls you.

28.08.2016 03:59,

Balls: Balls

Balls Balls
  Balls Balls to Balls Balls Balls
Balls Balls
Balls is Balls Balls

Balls if Balls

somebody Balls
Balls you.

28.08.2016 04:58,

Khaled: IIl love you forever

Look for your bright smile On earth
  Enjoy On earth to Have Shiney Spring
The sun Is looking into your eyea
The birds waiting for you is As clear as your eyes How could I not love you

Fly to me if I have no words

somebody Cute
The beauty of you.

28.08.2016 05:08,

em: abstract

slowly around
  love walmart to drink sunny afternoon
sky shines
wood is blue deep

love if you can

somebody pretty
about you.

28.08.2016 05:15,

: Why must we love

would move quickly forward
  drown in river to down Sunday dawn
clouds is drowning in fear
you is calm quiet

at peace if i fall in love

somebody Mysterious
about you.

28.08.2016 05:34,

Satan: Death Is Beautiful

Gallop Sad Bedrooms
  remember Waste land to Poison Sunny Midnight
The Void of God conquers
A spirit is Narrow and bloody belief

Ascend if I'm falling apart

somebody Horned Beast
Finally you.

28.08.2016 05:50,

Lilli: ?

quietly into a bush
  need my house to die sunny summer
A Airoplane is flying
a mouse is cold because on the water fall

i could drown if I get hurt

somebody A sad person
Like you.

28.08.2016 05:51,

1: dunno

shout every 10 steps through leaves
  need chicken coop to drink bright noon
nothing is eating
a chicken is whispering quietly

nothing if you can

somebody sophisticated
not you.

28.08.2016 05:53,

paper: paper

crumpled expensive
  short thick to smooth dark orange
red clean
short is thin blank

dirty if flat

somebody thin
white you.

28.08.2016 05:55,






28.08.2016 06:29,

puppet: the ode

slither Ireland
  want castle to drink cool night
the sky raining
an evil clown is flowing south

find peace if you can

somebody serene
wonderful you.

28.08.2016 06:31,

: Life

   to Sunny




28.08.2016 07:51,

Felipe: About Me

   to Sunny


if I'm Lost


28.08.2016 08:34,

kobes: days end

sprint with all my ability Alaska
  fill my life with to make a business called depressing Dawn
is frolicking
an elephant is

if my house catches on fire

somebody caring

28.08.2016 08:42,

Lea: Broken Promises

ran road
  have home to order cloudy cloudy
him ordered coffee
him is flooding

if im broken

somebody kind
about you.

28.08.2016 08:57,

Meg: Love is pain

shuffle around around
  need to find A restaurant to swallow Rainy Fall
the sky is thinking about me
a rabbit is cold and black like my soul

love me if you dare

somebody handsome
in love with you.

28.08.2016 10:22,

venni: my dream

dream of my friend into my house
  love other's school to have rainy day evening
butterflies is making me happy
my friend is awesome with chilly breeze

please understand me if i am confused

somebody my soul
my friend to you.

28.08.2016 11:21,

Happy: To Aziza

close my eyes home
  want Tashkent to drink Sunday noon
bank is breathing
a rabbit is running slow

water if I work

somebody from Bukhara
unusual to you.

28.08.2016 12:40,

: fisherman

skip lake
   beach to water sunny middle of the day
the sky fishing
fish is beautiful


somebody happy

28.08.2016 13:41,

jesse: english hw

quickly away
  love cafe to have sunny mid may
ceiling running
a dog is cold winter

be rich if you can

somebody a hipster
annoying you.

28.08.2016 13:49,

Kchandler: Kchandler poem

run Los Angeles
  love Hollywood to drink Saturday summer
batmobile reading comics
me is shine awesome

help if your awesome

somebody superman
the day i love you.

28.08.2016 13:54,

JJ: Little Romeo

leap behind the tree
  loathe Home to have Sunday moonlit night
body parts is breathing down my neck
a figure is flowing slowly

Dismember me if You Can

somebody Bleeding
above you.

28.08.2016 13:56,

Romeo: Sweet Small

crouch Underneath the night sky
  loathe China to leave Rainy Moonlit Evening
Needles dismembers me
a shadow is stopped suddenly

Fragment me if You Can

somebody Gentle, Moving
inside you.

28.08.2016 14:42,

Steak: Potato steak

Crawl Side to side
  Am filled with Pond to Buy Beautiful morning Spring
Clouds Walks
A bear is Clear Nice

Thanks if Trouble comes

somebody Angry
Inside you.

28.08.2016 16:20,

Maisy: Dear Charlotte





28.08.2016 16:22,

Haha: Haha

Run San diego
  Adore Paris to Drink Shitty Summer
Sky Sucks
A tyrannosaurus rex is Brutally Cold

Fly if I want

somebody Beautiful
Screwing you.

28.08.2016 17:21,

elyse: what am i to you?

walk slowly the pathway
  love cafe to go to a cafe for sad day summer
ceiling is making me happy
my love is

if im falling for somebody

somebody a nice person
someone special to you.

28.08.2016 17:35,

: My mother

   to Today


if I am in danger


28.08.2016 18:13,

Osci: Hapy Birthday Mum

creep to the shade
  love Sydenham to sip Sunny Summer
Blue Sky Playing
Archie is beautiful and vibrant

join me if Im upset

somebody Kind
Fabulous you.

28.08.2016 18:26,

jj: ?????

carefully, but fast through trees
  need to find St. Thomas to drink nice noon
a light is dancing
a deer is clear slow

leave me alone if you want gto

somebody busy
kind of you.

28.08.2016 18:52,

Talie: Only you

  found Oxford to A beautiful Summer
blue skies is dancing
Nathan is swiftly changing its course

if you can

somebody my love
not you.

28.08.2016 19:00,

Kiley: Moon

nimbly to pet the wolf
   to Night night
the moon is giving light
a wolf is

if it's terrible

somebody silent strong
moon you.

28.08.2016 19:16,

Blu: Blu

creep home
  love bed to make Sunny Autumn
Clouds is singing
a rabbit is gently moving

Jump if I am dorwning

somebody Quiet
above you.

28.08.2016 19:42,

magpie: Walking In Daylight

linger forward
  cherish a pathway to sip Sunny Spring
heavens is breezy
a shadow of self is still weather

saunter if I fall down

somebody a friend
beneath you.

28.08.2016 20:22,

Mommy: Mommies everything

With a quick stride Towards the water
  Believe in Here with me to Open Sunny Evening
Balloons Eating ice cream
Rainbow dash is Warm From the sun

Would you stay forever if You ever go away

somebody Little girl
Smiling at you.

28.08.2016 20:26,

Manik: Hitler nazism

Lonley Left
  Great Home to Have Good Night
Fan What?
A plant is Flowing Rapidly

I could swim in if I go wrong

somebody Cool
Ok you.

28.08.2016 20:33,

mary: interview

united state
earn my collage degree in japan

traveling to europe if ask me what kind of life I like

somebody lovely and cool person

28.08.2016 20:34,

Jessica: All About Jessixa

Walk To the side
  Am The beach to Swallow Pretty Fall
The ceiling Sunny
A dog is Flowing Fast

I would sleep if I look confused

somebody A grumpy
not you.

28.08.2016 20:40,

thea: native american struggles

tip toe towards that white mans land
  find teepee to drink sad noon
the sun is fighting
a white man is red from all of the blood

save us if i need it

somebody a white man
something about you.

28.08.2016 20:57,

Jess: Me

quickly behind my husband
  live in harry potter at disney world to chug Sunny fall
my goals is eating chicken pastry
the two kiddos that came from me is purple pickled

live on an island if I am home alone with two kids

somebody businessman
never you.

28.08.2016 21:40,

Zona: Him

  need quintessential to important summer
security exposing
exclusive is diagnostic

if i lose my companions

somebody selective
caging you.

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