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What kind of day?
Help me if... 
You see somebody in Cafe. What kind of person
It is you.
What´s above you? 
Season or part of day:  
What´s it doing: It 
I see something behind trees. It could be... 
How do you move in the dark forest? I
Where do you move? 
I want to  some drink.
I happiness.
Fine place: 
The river is...    (how?)
...if you could.

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12.02.2020 13:51,

Sid: Red Rose, happy birthday

Could I dance on the bridge of the sorrow poems
  Would you call me backwoods to tray lightly foggy early morning
poetical books are flying
and then
goes and maybe leaves
rainy gray eyes are floating lightly blue valentines day poem

make me happy if I try write a poem stars in the eastern night sky

is it someone Very Interesting
important to you.

11.01.2021 02:40,

love love: uhm

walk water
  like bedroom to make rainy jolly
ceiling idontknow
dog is dirty dirty

clean if im in an akward situation

somebody friendly
beautiful you.

11.01.2021 08:41,

khian: Gifted to Give

   to today is a cloudy day.




11.01.2021 08:54,

: Little one

walk as it is nothing from the darkness
   can't be your bedroom to give you special day
sky is cold
birds singing is wide beautiful

I will jump if I'm lost

somebody he is cute
short you.

11.01.2021 10:26,

Nanna: Every day

sneak somewhere else
  found my home to order gloomy morning
thoughts yawns
a fox is beautiful fast

Help me if lost

somebody lonely
always you.

11.01.2021 10:29,

nanna: Yes, maybe, no?

run somewhere else
  found an ocean to get beautiful night
ceiling flies
a monster is mysterious creation

Leave if I am not okay

somebody thoughful
always you.

12.01.2021 07:36,

: blöd





12.01.2021 12:19,

Adharsh: Mr Gabriel Von-krolock

would run from the monster. in the shelter
  wanted The river to have Dark night
ceiling is chasing me
a shelter is very hot

there is steam if

somebody Monster
very angry with you.

12.01.2021 16:24,

: Family

   to Sunny




13.01.2021 03:36,

: white winter day

move by feet to a cabine
  found to order cold winter
snow snowing
snow is

if I disapir

somebody a friend
lover you.

13.01.2021 18:27,

Jose: Memories

scariest adventure safe place
  everlasting people hearts to eternal Memorable day Autum morning
universe standing
bees is free flowing extremely fast

to freeze time if iam awestruck

somebody MY world
delightful you.

13.01.2021 18:58,

Emma: Winter

   to Snowy Winter
A misiltoe
a deer is

if fall

somebody A person covered in snow

14.01.2021 01:14,

Apphi: life

tip toe quitly and gently on the forest floor to alska
  envy dubai to have gloomy afternoon
clear blue skies clouding my mind
animals is cold refreshing

lokks if it if i die

somebody mean
fond of you.

14.01.2021 03:02,

jade : nelsonville

walk slowly forward
  find nelsonville to drink good day summer
the sky wind blowing
field is dirty because rivers are always dirty

move away if im down

somebody crackhead
some random person you.

14.01.2021 03:04,

jade : nelsonville

walk slowly forward
  find happy place to finish good day summer
the sky wind blowing
field is dirty because rivers are always dirty

move away if im down

somebody kind
me you.

15.01.2021 03:55,

Poppy: Poppy

   to rainy




15.01.2021 14:02,

daneil: la riviere

reste conscient a la droite
  aime cafétéria to prendre mardi hiver
ballon marche
brian is liquide noir je comprend pas

aide if je peu pas parler

somebody méchant
presque you.

15.01.2021 18:14,

Steph: Mesmerizing ocean

   to Beatuful evening
sky talking


somebody funny
important you.

15.01.2021 18:22,

steph: Mesmerized

  want beach to Beatuful evening
sun gleaming
a stranger is deep

if you leave

somebody loving
mesmerizing you.

15.01.2021 18:36,

: Mesmerized

curiously and quietly
  wanted beach to gather Beatuful evening
sun gleaming
a creature is deep

if you leave

somebody loving
mesmerizing you.

16.01.2021 02:20,

Ally: Away from Sickness

   to Everyday summer
sunny day
swing is calm and beautiful



16.01.2021 02:58,

dec: racism

   to gloomy rain


somebody angry

16.01.2021 03:22,

Jen: Beautiful ocean

   to Sunny



somebody Calm

16.01.2021 21:22,

: Greatness

   to sunny




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