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What kind of day?
Help me if... 
You see somebody in Cafe. What kind of person
It is you.
What´s above you? 
Season or part of day:  
What´s it doing: It 
I see something behind trees. It could be... 
How do you move in the dark forest? I
Where do you move? 
I want to  some drink.
I happiness.
Fine place: 
The river is...    (how?)
...if you could.

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12.02.2020 13:51,

Sid: Red Rose, happy birthday

Could I dance on the bridge of the sorrow poems
  Would you call me backwoods to tray lightly foggy early morning
poetical books are flying
and then
goes and maybe leaves
rainy gray eyes are floating lightly blue valentines day poem

make me happy if I try write a poem stars in the eastern night sky

is it someone Very Interesting
important to you.

03.08.2020 23:44,

Moon Goddess: Mon Amour

seek knowledge Always behind you, within your footsteps
  found The Hill to share A rainy day Every night
Nothing but Heaven gazing into my eyes
our spirits dancing with one another is flowing naturally

allow me to fall if I don't let you catch me

somebody Brave
all about you.

04.08.2020 01:51,

: love and its sins

   to stormy
dark sky

if I fall in love

somebody mysteriuos
intriguing you.

04.08.2020 10:07,

Ezhekiel Hannah C. Ramos: pandemic





04.08.2020 10:13,

Mad Dreamer: Removed Once More

dismantle frequency
  circumvene liberation to erase Tuesday dawn
cloud of questions relieves
white silence is healing ritual gesture

ingrain if push the color of radical movements

somebody black joy
unapologetically you.

04.08.2020 10:23,

Bailey Khan: Freedom

  Make to Winter



somebody Trapped

04.08.2020 11:14,

takku: jwbj

   to beautul




04.08.2020 12:02,

Sajmir: 16th Birthday

   to Birthday


if i need you

somebody Kind

04.08.2020 19:37,

eros: love

  found garden to rainy winter
ceiling stares at me
a cat is wonderful

call me if i fall

somebody lovely

04.08.2020 20:15,

Rob: Day's Love

move with care where the sun is seen to the country
  feel eternal Home to make some sun tea Sunny Spring
beautiful clouds moving gently in the sky
birds building a nest is peaceful beautiful

I would bring peace if I am sad

somebody with a kind face
warming you.

05.08.2020 03:42,

Lucinda: Beach

   to sunset




05.08.2020 07:37,

: Take care of you'reselves in this time of crisis

Pray In our churches
  want cjhurch to the vaccine Sad afternoon
clouds of covid Infecting people little by little
infected people is

if To protect ourselves

somebody covid
deadly you.

05.08.2020 13:00,

: The Bike

carefully tip toe past to the bike area
  feel Skating park to have Summer mid-day
a ceiling
the bullies is cold freezing

I would sim if I fall off my bike

somebody Your bully
bad you.

05.08.2020 18:26,

Schatzy: My Love

Follow the trail To where you are
  Found my Rexburg, Idaho to Purchase and share Spring Afternoon
A beautiful sky Sings
A hidden photographer is Flowing Smoothly

Please never leave me if You can

somebody Smiling
Because of you.

05.08.2020 21:32,

sliver sp-oon: power of words

carfully forward
  find home to wine cloudy fall
clouds raining
me is near

if communicate

somebody receiver
not you.

06.08.2020 01:31,

water: the mystery of water

   to sunny summer
clouds splashing



06.08.2020 01:34,

chloe: the thought of her

quietly a castle
  want to find in your arms to hold midnight winter
the moon broken
the idea of love is cold i may never know

id hold you if im crying

somebody soft spoken and beautiful
hopeless to you.

06.08.2020 17:15,

Laulau: One time slave

   to Monday



somebody A police man

06.08.2020 18:52,

Jerry: Do I Dare

quietly down low
  crave a meadow to sip Sad summer
light is raining
leaves in the wind is briskly rushing

Jump if I cry

somebody gentle
with you.

06.08.2020 18:54,

maddie: to love a fool

slowly delicately
  crave mountains to rush through sad mid-summer
light is rushing
a friend is flowing quicky

jump if you see me fall

somebody kind
within you.

06.08.2020 20:10,

Catt: A son from my Sun

Take it step by step or I don't at all A higher ground
  Exude Waterfall to Taste the food before Early morning Morning
A hook in the ceiling Is useless
A flower is Murky By the earth

Would you marry me if you see me looking for my son's face

somebody A lover
The things you do that defines you.

07.08.2020 01:03,

: A giraffe, exacerbation, and giggles walk into a bar

   to Sunny


if I fall


07.08.2020 01:05,

Sunny: A giraffe, exacerbation, and giggles walk into a bar

fast hawaii
  want beach to exacerbation Sunny Afternoon
the sky giggles
giraffe is clam cool

peaceful if I fall

somebody Hairy
finally you.

07.08.2020 03:41,

Nick: Hard at Work

walk kitchen
  found home to have Great summer
roof can
water is deep high

fly if fail

somebody cool
coding you.

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