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What kind of day?
Help me if... 
You see somebody in Cafe. What kind of person
It is you.
What´s above you? 
Season or part of day:  
What´s it doing: It 
I see something behind trees. It could be... 
How do you move in the dark forest? I
Where do you move? 
I want to  some drink.
I happiness.
Fine place: 
The river is...    (how?)
...if you could.

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12.02.2020 13:51,

Sid: Red Rose, happy birthday

Could I dance on the bridge of the sorrow poems
  Would you call me backwoods to tray lightly foggy early morning
poetical books are flying
and then
goes and maybe leaves
rainy gray eyes are floating lightly blue valentines day poem

make me happy if I try write a poem stars in the eastern night sky

is it someone Very Interesting
important to you.

21.07.2021 03:06,

Court: You'll be with me forever

Stay still To heaven
  Need Heaven to Sad Night
God Is holding me
My brother is Calm


somebody Angel
Protecting you.

21.07.2021 18:51,

Taffy: dress

sneak to the getaway car
  found the rain to drink cruel winter
wonderland is trying
the lakes is a cowboy like me nicely

you'd dream your wildest dreams if i did something bad

somebody clean
loving you.

21.07.2021 18:57,

Jennifer: Potato

happily space
  dont forget clouds to rock perfect midnight
infinity is in stockholm
heart attact is strongly taken

act my age if someone steals my girl

somebody fireproof
night changing you.

22.07.2021 13:43,

Just someone: feels like summer

carefully to the beach
  feel in my mind to taste Warm summer
Blue sky Singin
butterfly is flowing smoohtly

Be in love if my love

somebody kind
smileing to you.

22.07.2021 14:12,

Laasya: Life goes on

   to calm evening



somebody friendly

22.07.2021 20:22,

Queen: GOdfaters hand

Run To the cliff
  Need to Jump Dark, dreary Afternoon
Him Thrusting inside me
The monster that lies beneath me is Cold dark and deep

Help if i look lost

somebody Rough
above you.

25.07.2021 11:58,

Harry: Pandemic

   to December 31 2019




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