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What kind of day?
Help me if... 
You see somebody in Cafe. What kind of person
It is you.
What´s above you? 
Season or part of day:  
What´s it doing: It 
I see something behind trees. It could be... 
How do you move in the dark forest? I
Where do you move? 
I want to  some drink.
I happiness.
Fine place: 
The river is...    (how?)
...if you could.

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16.11.2018 16:18,

Teddy: Friendship

   to Friendship day

if I fall down

somebody Love
Jaan you.

16.11.2018 17:35,

Angela Knight: Dream Kitchen

   to Sunny


if Kinsman kitchen

somebody Renovator
Because of you.

16.11.2018 17:38,

Angela Knight: Dream Kitchen

Jump with glee Into the kitchen
  Celebrate New kitchen to Pour Sunny 2019
Ceiling fan Making us feel excited
A camera man is Warm Sun beemed

Down if Kinsman kitchen

somebody Renovator
Because of you.

16.11.2018 17:43,

: Love of



if can show my love for my knight


16.11.2018 18:10,

E.W. : Oof

stalk The canopy
  miss home to Night Night
Cloudless sky
Her is cold


somebody Lonely
bothering you.

16.11.2018 18:11,

E.W. : Oof

Stalk Canopy
  Miss Home to Night Night
Cloudless sky
Her is Cold


somebody Lonely
Sky you.

17.11.2018 04:17,

The boys: Boy out

happily To a nice place
  achieve Myself to drink Happy and subtle Summer
my company is my friend
my entertainment is Free from bad energy

Change people if i get sad

somebody Fun and enjoyable
the company in you.

17.11.2018 17:00,

Julie: Mental illness

  Want Home to Cold weather Fall morning
Cat is


somebody Sad

17.11.2018 17:43,

amna: forgive me

   to still
seven layers of heaven

if my heart is heavy


17.11.2018 22:01,

name: names on a poem

harry will
  sarcasm trump to waifu jordan vanilla
usagi tang
arlee is kim jong un hitler

distopian santa if janna

somebody goblin
red you.

17.11.2018 22:43,

: fungai





18.11.2018 01:48,

Lydia : Father

   to Dark


if I am loosing it

somebody Destructive

18.11.2018 03:55,

Kaylee: Natures end

Prance Away
  want Valley to find Sunny Dawn
Nothing but sky Glimmering
My love is Glistening

if I float away

somebody Beautiful

18.11.2018 04:24,

Ab: Help Me

Walk cautiously To a tree
  Must find Bedroom to Tequila Sad Sunset
A light Walking
Him is Cold Pretty

Swim if Im suicidal

somebody Cute
Bueatiful to you.

18.11.2018 05:56,

Carmela: Myself

walking faster in the dark forest
   found Bedroom to open Happy Saturday
A ceiling sit
another tree is Silent

if I need help

somebody Arrogant
stranger you.

18.11.2018 05:56,

Carmela: Myself

walking faster in the dark forest
   found Bedroom to open Happy Saturday
A ceiling sit
another tree is Silent

if I need help

somebody Arrogant
stranger you.

18.11.2018 14:10,

lol: idk

fast to home
  believe in home to drink monday night
sun eat
a pig is fast harsh

take if i am lost

somebody ex
okay you.

18.11.2018 16:48,

Hira: Happy Birthday to you Saman

   to birthday



somebody school friend

19.11.2018 03:03,

Bill: Leaves

  Breathe deep The lake to Have tea Morning Autumn
Breaking the day
Deer playing is Running

I would walk with you if

Blue you.

19.11.2018 14:01,

: cliche

fly in the shadows
  crave peace to spill snowy winter
dark skies cold
a shadow is cold

save me if made a mistake

somebody interesting
the real you.

19.11.2018 14:28,

WHAAT: Luupää part 4

pepsi karmiva ääni
  have autolla to joku normal colgate
Fanta is horse Chanel

raikkautta if adidas

somebody lumessa
coco pops you.

19.11.2018 16:33,

m.c.: shadows

run for my life to somewhere I can hide
  want more than my mind to spare me rainy summer
all my hopes and dreams going down
my lost hopes and dreams is floating in me

Id swim if you must

somebody sympathetic
more than you see you.

19.11.2018 18:41,

Ricky: A Quiet Place

find new strength and courage there To the house
  want Quincy, Illinois to drink chief autumn
Ralph R. Carmichael does
sheltered by tree and flow'r is sheltered by tree again by flow'r

With love for all mankind if there is a quiet place

somebody Carmichael's family
with you.

19.11.2018 18:59,

Pedro: Narkos

fly Up
  found My bed to eat Thuesday Midnight
Spider is raining snow
a dog is dry shallow

Come over if wrong

somebody Sick
above you.

19.11.2018 21:28,

Lou Lou: Anais

   to Cold


if you need it

somebody small

20.11.2018 07:18,

Cutkftuof: Idk

   to Rainy Midnight


if Heartbroken

somebody Lover

20.11.2018 14:13,

CC: Sint

stroll in darkness
  love office to create work day winter
rain slides
shadow is flowing rapidly

laugh if i don't understand

somebody single
looking at you.

20.11.2018 15:28,

Natali: Minster not minister

Walk in sync To Starbucks
  Love our Our bench to Buy Windy My favourite season
Sky Windy
That black man is Cyclical

Stays together if I need you

somebody 6 inch man
Only you.

20.11.2018 17:45,

Jnan : the holy land is raped

   to Normal one



somebody Teacher

20.11.2018 18:31,

: September

slowly in the leaves
  feel School to Brisk Autumn
squirrels is


somebody delighted
beautiful you.

20.11.2018 19:04,

aroo: Roses

walk stiffly towards the pond
  cherish My bed to have Exuburant Early noon
swarm of bees is prancing
my fear is solemn in its own way

if I cry awake

somebody Tired
haunting you.

20.11.2018 19:32,

: Hope





20.11.2018 19:32,

Fiona: Hope





20.11.2018 20:38,

kj: yes

wait forward
  crave here to gather distant evening
heaviness wonders
kind is still because of you

please if there are gaps

somebody intriguing
about you.

21.11.2018 03:36,

Pu: Spring

  thought about what is to Sunny Morning

a chipmunk is



21.11.2018 04:01,

macc: me

will surive into to the dark forest i go
  want home to find long winter
everyone helps me
monsters is dark glumy

come back if your able

somebody happy
unlike you.

21.11.2018 05:59,

Jadsiya: Friendship





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