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What kind of day?
Help me if... 
You see somebody in Cafe. What kind of person
It is you.
What´s above you? 
Season or part of day:  
What´s it doing: It 
I see something behind trees. It could be... 
How do you move in the dark forest? I
Where do you move? 
I want to  some drink.
I happiness.
Fine place: 
The river is...    (how?)
...if you could.

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12.02.2020 13:51,

Sid: Red Rose, happy birthday

Could I dance on the bridge of the sorrow poems
  Would you call me backwoods to tray lightly foggy early morning
poetical books are flying
and then
goes and maybe leaves
rainy gray eyes are floating lightly blue valentines day poem

make me happy if I try write a poem stars in the eastern night sky

is it someone Very Interesting
important to you.

23.02.2021 19:12,

Shiniece: Inside me

   to Sunny


if I need to get dress

somebody A lawyer
S friend you.

24.02.2021 14:22,

T.T.: A Winter Day

move carefully. to my house
  found home to drink cold winter
the lights is singing.
a fox is flowing slowly

Fly if I need it.

somebody old
by you.

25.02.2021 14:01,

Bella: Growing Up

   to Sunny Midday


if I want to escape

somebody Mum

26.02.2021 04:19,

Leanisha: me

   to Nice night
clouds is shining
birds is

if IM dying

somebody happy
about you.

26.02.2021 14:56,

Daisy: Blossomed





26.02.2021 14:56,

Daisy: Blossomed Flower

   to Beautiful day




26.02.2021 18:54,

: Life





26.02.2021 18:57,

: Life

use light somewhere
  want beach to get sunny summer
sky is drinking something
a cat is flowing

if you can

somebody tall
someone you.

27.02.2021 20:09,

Taff: Youre 50th Birthday

sailing to Wales
  KFC Wales to Summer
KFC Naverly
Gary is Up the creek

go to the pub if Birthday

Taff you.

28.02.2021 06:48,

jun: 21st century learner

   to Tuesday holiday

if I needed

somebody Kind
me who in love with you.

28.02.2021 07:53,

: My always

run away with you nearest shade
  want cafe to sip sunny summer
sky talking
leaves is flowy because of the rain drops because the rain drops

love me if im down

somebody warm-hearted person
always been you you.

01.03.2021 00:42,

: Happy Birthday

   to fall




01.03.2021 04:20,

lama: winter

carefully in the snow
  winter to hot chocolate cold winter
the clouds and snow snowing
deer is frozen iits cold

ice skate if i fall

somebody chilled
Bob you.

01.03.2021 20:32,

angie: mi kika

follow the light of your sprit forward
  miss the heaven to get drunk on cold cloudy day
angel slowly fading
you is cold winter

i would visit you in heaven if alone

somebody tall
love you.

02.03.2021 02:16,

Sky: I live

rushed through for an escape into more of the deeper furist.
  m overwhelmed by wear I could rest to take a sip, of 24th thunderstorm
a ceiling
a wanderer is feel so nice splash of cold

by sitting there if I help you

somebody my boss
angry you.

02.03.2021 02:25,

hope: joann

jump in the forest
  crazy sunset beach to lay sunny morning
the sky hot
a wolf is dark green

driving away if im wrong

somebody nasty
the good in you.

02.03.2021 14:40,

Elsi: The Dove

fly a tree
   to cloudy summer
a dove is


somebody happy

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